Acocks Green Bowl is, and always has been, very significant for competitive and tournament bowling. The league program is diverse and varied with leagues to suit all abilities and age groups and because leagues run on every day of the week, they are suitable for the busy life we all lead today.

Leagues are always looking for new members and although they generally run alongside the football season, that is to say from September through to May, we do have some summer leagues available.

Team sizes can vary from singles through doubles, trios and four people and all are mixed not just with a wide variety of standards and ages but also with men, women, boys and girls.

If you enjoy bowling on a regular basis. If you like to meet people and make new friends. If you would enjoy learning from the experiences of other bowlers to improve your game. Then you need to join a bowling league.

You may be on your own, have a group of friends and wish to start a team of your own or even have a company or club that wishes to start their own league, in any event I am sure we will be able to help you find what you want.

The leagues at Acocks Green are not operated directly by the bowling centre as each league has its own committee who administer the way the league runs. All leagues bowl weekly, if you would like your details to be forwarded onto the secretary of one of these leagues please complete the attached form and email it back to agbowl@btconnect.com or pop it in the post to: The General Manager, Acocks Green Bowl, Westley Road, Birmingham B27 7UH.

Download the League Application Form here