Health and safety information

  • Bowling shoes must be worn by all players, helpers and supervisors. Bowling shoes must not be worn outside the building.
  • Food and drink is not allowed in the players’ seating area or on the bowling lanes.
  • No player, helper or supervisor should ever cross the black line at the start of a bowling lane (called the “foul line”) for any reason.
  • Bowling balls must be kept on the ball return rack until a player is ready to bowl.
  • No-one should insert their hands or anything else into the hole from where the bowling ball is returned onto the ball rack.
  • Only the person bowling (and their helper if required) should be on the bowling approach at any one time. Other persons should remain in the players’ seating area.


  • Party organisers are responsible for the children in their party who must be supervised by them at all times. We recommend one adult per lane for children under 10 and one adult to a pair of lanes for older children.

Meal deals

  • The children’s mini-meal deal consists of a child-sized meal, regular soft drink and a milk iced lolly. Meal choices change from time to time but usually include favourites such as chicken nuggets and fish-fingers.
  • The teenage meal deal consists of a larger-sized meal and a soft drink or Tropical Ice. Meal choices again vary but will normally include favourites such as 1/4 lb burgers, scampi and pizza.

General information

  • Bowling Lanes Lanes will be allocated evenly, with up to 6 players per lane. Each player has one full game to play and generally this will take a maximum of one hour to complete. Occasionally, slower bowlers (such as small children) may not always be able to complete a full game due to time or other factors.
  • Food & Drink. Only food and drink purchased from Acocks Green Bowl may be consumed on the premises. We are unable to guarantee our snack bar products are suitable for children with allergies. If you are bringing a child with special dietary requirements we are happy for you to supply an alternative meal. Whenever possible, please advise our staff in advance of this.
  • Cakes and party bags Our parties do not include birthday cakes or party bags. However, you are welcome to provide your own.

Terms and conditions

  • All participants must be in place by the arrival time marked on your booking form. Parties arriving late may be unable to bowl a full game or in extreme cases, the booking may be totally forfeit.
  • Acocks Green Bowl may not be held responsible if one or more of the bowling lanes are unavailable at the pre-arranged start time. In this unusual event, bowling time will start when lanes become available.
  • The information given in this Party Information Sheet forms part of the terms and conditions of your booking.
  • The prices given in this leaflet are correct as at January 2019. Please note that prices and opening times may be altered without notice.